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Are Pre-Workouts Worth the Money? A Woman's Best Review

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Last month I decided to hop on the internet and watch too many videos and read too many reviews all about one thing... pre-workouts! I had always been curious about them despite their reputation for tasting like sewer water and giving you a the jitters... so I am here to debunk some of those stereotypes as well as to give a full review of the pre-workout I purchased. I will link the products at the end of the post.

Not realising that the product had to be shipped from Austria I waited excitedly at my letter box for a week, each day hoping that it would arrive. During the days before it did eventually arrive I decided it best to invest in a shaker so I could use the pre workout as soon as it came. I bought a simple pink bottle from the athletics store Decathlon.

It has a 400ml capacity and conveniently matches the colour of the powders packaging.

The Amino and Energy powder came in six different flavours, however, I chose Blue Raspberry as it got the best reviews regarding taste.

It is not a traditional pre workout as it can be used to get multiple different results.

For example it can be taken in the morning as a wake-me-up drink, as well as being taken as a afternoon pick-me-up. Not only that but it can be taken before a workout to increase energy- but also as a post workout to speed up muscle recovery!


I found that taking 1 scoop with ice cold water on a morning to be extremely beneficial in boosting my motivation and energy, the sweet flavour makes one feel as if one is indulging in a treat. However, it is not an excuse to skip breakfast and should not be used as a meal replacement.


As this is the only pre workout I have ever tried it is hard not to be bias towards it, but in my honest opinion I can say it works for me. No jitters, no sour aftertaste and no crashing after it wears off. I suffer from low energy in general so during my workouts I often hit a wall where I give up and go home due to being so tired, yet when I used the pre workout I completed my workouts and felt satisfied afterwards.

Post workout

The 2 scoops for a pre workout are reduced to 1 scoop for a post workout, as are the morning and afternoon drinks. Reducing the amount of amino and energy at different times of the day is essential as you don't want to overload your body with it when you are not working out. I personally don't like using it as a recovery method as I feel like I recover fast anyway and don't need to use it, but for those whose recovery time extends to 3-4 days I would definitely recommend trying it out.


As a late night gym person I struggled with the idea that it would stop me sleeping because of the energy it provides, thankfully no such thing occurred and if anything it helped me sleep better as it encourages muscles to heal, and the body does that when we sleep. I don't drink energy drinks such as Monster and Relentless so the idea of an afternoon pick me up usually leads me to the snack cupboard rather than a soft drink, yet I found that having one scoop really curbed my sugar craving and stopped me snacking so often.


Overall I am very happy with how the Women's Best Amino and Energy has enhanced my workouts without any side effects or unpleasant tastes. I look forward to trying other Women Best Supplements as they also do vitamins, whey protein powders and protein bars!

Comment and let me know your favourite pre workouts/ protein powders/ protein bar flavours!



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