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Merry Affordable Christmas! Let's Not Go Bankrupt This Year.

Updated: Jan 9

Disclaimer- all opinions stated here are my own and do not intend to offend or mislead anyone. They are purely tips I have picked up through my own life experiences.

Coming from a family which is quite small, and being an only child for the majority of my childhood years, it is safe to say I was spoilt rotten by my parents at Christmas time. Seeing my parents split over the Christmas period did not stop my spoiltness in the slightest. I was twice as spoilt as my wonderful mother tried to compensate for my father not being home- and my father gave me copious amounts of guilt-filled gifts- Thankfully I have grown to understand the importance of money at Christmas.

I feel that society pressures us all into thinking we must have the perfect present for absolutely everyone regardless of the price. Excessive consumerism is being promoted by every big company on the planet with Christmas editions and pointless plastic covered presents.

So this year lets take a stand and have a conscious and budget friendly Christmas! Swap your plastic bags and nicknacks for reusable gift boxes and colourful tissue paper instead of wrapping paper which can NOT be recycled.

Here I'd like to share the best ways I think you minimise stress about money this year as well as looking after the planet without even thinking about it!


I can not sing the songs of praise loud enough about this eco-friendly company! Their biodegradable packaging, their plastic-free packaging options and their diverse range of cruelty-free cosmetics, perfumes and skincare are a dream come true. Although many do complain of the prices being high, which is completely understandable and we are all about saving money, I truly think that a bath bomb is the ideal present for anyone. They are NOT gender specific, as many believe they are only for girls (not true) anyone can enjoy a relaxing bath without shame of being seen as feminine. The majority of the bathrooms can range from £4 to £9 so they won't break the bank.

2. Don't Feel the Pressure

Also society has made us all think that a small gift or gesture is not enough and we must spend ridiculous amounts of money on people. This is me telling you that you do not need to spend all your hard earned money on other people no matter how much they love you or you love them. You should not have to prove your love by rendering yourself bankrupt or falling into your overdraft. If someone truly values you then they will be over the moon with whatever you can afford:) Be kind to yourself this Christmas.

3. D.I.Y Gifts

Get a little creative this year and show someone how much you really know them by making them a personalised present! Examples of easy to make gifts:

-Personalised photo frames

-Photo collage

-A CD of their favourite songs

- A drawing or painting

4. Heartfelt Cards

This one may seem cheap, or a way to get out of buying someone a gift, but honestly I would rather someone wrote a heartfelt letter for me and put it in a card rather than buying me a present. I value letters so much as it shows someone has taken the time out of their day to think about me and remember out happy memories. Its sentimental and beautiful, as well as it being one of a kind and a keepsake that I can look at on days when I feel alone or sad.

Please look after yourself this festive season and prioritise yourself over anything because at the end of they day Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones, family or friends, and that's what should be most important. <3

Love Jaz x




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