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  • Jazmin Amber

What's In My Bag? Graphic Design Student

Illustration by Jazmin Amber

My Fjallraven Kanken has lasted me through my years at college and into university without a single fault. It's sturdy interior and exterior has not torn even with all my heavy textbooks and sketchbooks in it all day everyday. I purchased mine from Urban Outfitters for £80 which at the time was slightly reckless of me. However, in perspective it has lasted me a very long time so if you are on the fence about getting one I highly recommend them! Here is the link to their official website: http://fjallraven.co.uk

To begin, the most important things I recommend having on your person as a student is headphones or earphones . There is nothing worse than getting to a three hour class and there being a 30 minute powerpoint and then the rest of the time is free studio time to work on your projects. Good music is also essential so maybe find a good study playlist for long studio days. Spotify has a great indie playlist which motivates me to be more creative.

AKG Headphones

Next up is probably more obvious, but equipment such as craft scissors, glue sticks or double sided tape is essential for sketchbook work but is often in short supply in the studio. Its always good to have your own set of supplies so you don't have to wait for others to finish their work.

I am a strong believer that you can never have too many notebooks and sketchpads.

If you have one specific sketchbook that you document all your work in then also have a second sketchbook which has more rough notes in that the teacher or marker doesn't necessarily need to see. Also if you make mistakes in ink then they won't be in your official sketchbook.

A cheap(ish) memory stick will also be a lifesaver because if you work on a desktop like me and can't take it to class everyday like you can a laptop then you will be able to take your work with you without any hassle. I got my 16GB memory card from Argos for £5.99.

Link: https://www.argos.co.uk/product/1588648

This blog post was inspired by the wonderful 'StudiousLeigh' and her fantastic blog which I will link here: http://studiousleigh.com please check out her posts because they are so helpful for new students!

Love from,

Jaz x

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